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Native bergamot (monarda fistulosa) starter plant (dormant)


Native Bergamot. Monarda fistulosa A prairie plant that will attract pollinators to your garden. Pretty pink flowers in mid summer. Prefers a sunny location and is adaptable. Wonderful aroma and tea can be made from the leaves.

These have gone dormant for the year, but still have excellent root growth and can be planted anytime the ground isn’t frozen. Plants continue to grow roots without foliage. Just treat as is though it were still growing and water through any prolonged dry spells. These are grown outside here in Michigan. They may still have some foliage or yellowing foliage if ordered in early fall but as fall progresses and through winter, will just be old stems. Planting dormant plants is a great way to get plants established for next season!

All of our plants are grown in biodegradable fabric pots. The containers are around 4″x4 1/2″ May be planted in the pot or removed, but we prefer to rip the sides or remove and compost the fabric.

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