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Michigan Native Butterfly Garden Plants

The 80s movie line “If you build it, he will come” can certainly be applied to butterfly gardening. If you grow the plants that attract them, they will come. Most nurseries and gardens centers sell plants for aesthetic or food purposes. We specifically sell plants that attract butterflies. Some are good nectar plants, while others make good hosts for caterpillars and others make a good balance with these for ideal habitat. Butterflies are considered “umbrella species”, so what attracts them will also bring other pollinators.

We do not use pesticides and grow most of our plants in biodegradable pots which are better for the environment and create better root systems. Most of our plants are natives perennials. This make sense as they have a history of symbiotic relationship with native butterflies.

There are some annuals and naturalized perennials that we have found make good butterfly attractors that we sell too. We currently carry over 50 different plants and we are always adding more!

We offer local pickup, shipping, and sell at multiple local markets. We also offer local butterfly garden planning and creation.