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Blazing Star Butterfly Garden

West Michigan’s Butterfly Resource

I have enjoyed butterflies since I was a kid. Some of my earliest memories are of looking for caterpillars and trying to catch butterflies. Throughout my life I have learned a lot about them, their lifecycles, habitats, and locations. My wife and I created Blazing Star Butterfly Garden to educate and increase the populations and habitat of what we find to be some of the most beautiful of God’s creatures. – Kevin Collison

kevin blazing star butterfly garden


viceroy butterfly eclosing
Every year I raise over 20 different types of butterflies and moths native to Michigan. Butterflies and moths can have very different lifecycles.
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Most nurseries and gardens centers sell plants for aesthetic or food purposes. We specifically sell plants that attract butterflies.
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Education Program

butterfly education
We enjoy sharing butterfly knowledge. We offer butterfly educational programs that are sure to fascinate any butterfly lover.
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butterfly products

Blazing Star Butterfly Garden offers:

  • Wholesale Butterfly livestock
  • Plants to create butterfly gardens and habitat
  • Butterfly Jewelry
  • Raise your own Butterfly kits
  • Butterfly themed decorations
  • And Butterfly art and photography

And don’t forget about our Butterfly Education Program!

Educational programs are available for school groups, garden clubs, businesses, exhibitions or similar groups who want to learn more about butterflies. Don’t delay, book your butterfly education program before it’s too late!