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Southwest Michigan quality Butterfly stock

blazing star butterly garden allegan michiganI have enjoyed raising butterflies since I was a kid. Every year I raise over 20 different types of butterflies and moths native to Michigan. Butterflies and moths can have very different lifecycles. Some have multiple generations per year, some only one. Some overwinter in a pupal stage in a cocoon, or chrysalis, some as an egg, some as caterpillars, and others (more than just monarchs) migrate. We raise them according to their schedule. Our business mission is to increase butterfly and moth populations.

Throughout the year, we offer butterfly raising kits. These come with a cage, potted host plant, and caterpillars. Our potted host plants are grown in biodegradable pots and when you have raised your caterpillars, you can regrow the plant and do it again, or put the plant in your butterfly garden, pot and all. We have designed these in hopes that it will make raising caterpillars and releasing butterflies an educational and enjoyable experience.

When available, we sell:

  • Eggs (ova)
  • Caterpillars
  • Pupa (cocoons or chrysalis) of various species

The most popular tend to be monarchs, giant silk moths (Saturniidae) and swallowtails, but for someone wishing to try something new, there are others as well. Contact us for availability or keep an eye on our blog as we try to update what we have available.

USDA regulations do not allow exotic species or interstate shipping of live butterflies without permits. As we have a goal of increasing butterfly populations, we do not raise or sell anything but Michigan natives.