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Blue vervain (Verbena hastata) starter plant


Blue vervain (Verbena hastata) is a wonderful plant for medium to moist, sunny butterfly gardens. Great for rain gardens. It produces multiple stem/ clusters of blue/ light purple flowers in mid summer. It gets about 4 1/2ft tall. It is a short lived perennial, but an excellent self seeder. It’s not a big fan of competition, so give it some room to grow and for new seedlings to start. It is also the host plant for buckeye butterflies.

These are up and growing for the 2022 season. We keep our plants outside to coincide with the natural season here in Michigan and do not treat them with anything as they are for pollinator gardens. They are newly started plants that are ready to be planted.

All of our plants are grown in biodegradable fabric pots. The containers are around 4″x4 1/2″ May be planted in the pot or removed .

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